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The custom bobble head doll is a personalized product. These dolls are not sold as new, so you cannot change its features once the shaping and molding process is underway. The price of the doll also includes a 40% restocking fee, which covers the cost of raw material, human labor, and handling. However, this is worth it in the end. Custom bobble head dolls are made especially for you, so you should not expect to receive them immediately.

The Custom Bobbleheads market has grown substantially in recent years. Most custom bobbleheads are provided online. Clients provide photographs of their faces and other information (such as hair color, eye shade, and clothing), and a request amount. Many of these companies can ship the finished product anywhere in the world, and most custom bobble head dolls are made within seven to 10 days. Custom bobble head dolls are particularly popular with women and children.


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