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Best dog breeds for emotional support - what therapists recommend

Although all dog owners love their dogs and they feel happy and comfortable with them, some dog breeds are more equal than others in providing emotional support to their owners. In this post, you’ll find some best dog breeds that will give you much-needed emotional support. Since the emotional support animal letter provide one with much-needed emotional support, they deserve to be treated well. Their owners should care for them and must treat them affectionately. Two ways in which it can be accomplished is by giving it homemade dog treats that your canine will love or you can buy a snuffle mat for dogs that will keep your pooch in good health, active, and kicking.

Generally, some of the most affectionate dog breeds are also the ones that are good at providing emotional support for people who pet them. Following are some of the best dog breeds for emotional support as recommended by therapists are as follows:

It is considered one of the best dog breeds when it comes to esa letter for housing providing emotional support. It is also a good family pet that is why it is most popular in the US. It does not only give furry love, but it is also a good hunting dog, an athletic partner in jogging, and a good service dog.

It is also a good dog for human companionship, like the Golden Retriever. One can't question its love for humans which is also very athletic in nature. It'll never miss a chance to do some retrieving or hiking.

It is a friendly and devoted dog that is good at providing emotional support. With proper socialization and training, it can get along well with humans and in many situations.

It is an affectionate dog breed that goes well with humans of almost all ages. Moreover, it can excel in training and learning things due to its intelligence. Nevertheless, it needs a lot of physical and mental training, so it may not work in every situation. But, since it requires lots of training and all, it can become good at providing emotional support because it'll demand the attention and involvement of its owner.

Although it lacks in size, this dog makes up for it in affection and confidence. Also, it expects a lot of attention from the owners, but it makes sure to give that attention back tenfold. This makes it a good dog breed for emotional support. Moreover, traveling is easier with it, which again makes it a preferable choice for people who need their emotional support animal accompanying them on trips.

When it's around, it seems like a living stuffed animal that typically has a friendly temperament and which loves to cuddle making it a good choice for emotional support. They are happy around their favorite humans and would want to join them on a walk without any hesitation.

A big personality stuffed in a small body, the Chihuahua loves being around his people. It is portable because of its small size making it a preferable choice for individuals who require an emotional support animal. It does not require much exercise, but it'll be happy to engage their humans with snuggles and playtime.

Highly recommended by the therapists, these were some of the most affectionate dog breeds that are best for providing emotional support to people. People with mental health problems need to take their dogs with them wherever they go or travel. For that to happen, they require an ESA Letter which warrants them to take the emotional support animals with themselves because animals aren’t usually allowed in public places such as parks, public transport, etc. Portable or small-sized dogs are good for people with mental problems since they are easier to carry.

If you are thinking about what type of ESA dog will be suitable for you, you’ll find this post helpful in that regard. Some characteristics are briefly given and you can decide which dog will suit you best. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit

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