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June 2010 - "Pop Surrealism, What A Wonderful World"

Museo Carandente, Spoleto, Italy

May 2010 - "Art From The New World"
Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery UK

March 2012- "International Woman"
Warringtin Museum & Art Gallery UK

Dec 2013- "Lacrima Aquarium"

Acquario Romano Museum 

Rome, Italy


July 2014-"Dolls Art exhibition"

Old Jaffa Museum of Antiquities 

Tel-Aviv Jaffa (Old Jaffa)


March 2024 - "The New Salon"

Asheville, NC, USA


March 2021- "Métier De Réve"

Oil painting, oil pastels, drawings 

KP project Gallery

Los Angeles CA

March 2020- "Dear Diary"

drawings show

Haven Gallery 

Northport NY

December 2019- "Fragile Delights"

oil paintings, furniture

Haven Gallery 

Miami FL


December 2018- "Diamond Tea"

oil paintings 

Haven gallery

Miami FL

December 2017- "Princess of None" 

oil paintings 

Haven Gallery 

Miami FL

March 2017- "Spring Melody" 

Oil paintings 

Haven Gallery

NYC SCOPE art fair 

December 2016- "Pop Royale"

oil paintings 
Haven Gallery at the Miami SCOPE art fair 


Septmber  2016- "The Tapestry Show"

111 Minna Gallery,

San Francisco, California

March 2016- "The Huntington Epideic"
Haven Gallery at the NYC SCOPE art fair 




 CASTRO TLV-The Street Art Project -2011


This Is Limeted Edtion UK 2015


Kukula x MRZ capsule collection 2015


Kukula x RED Valentino spring capsule coolection 2016


Couture project -2013


SHOWcabinet: Maison Martin Margiela-2013


SHOWstudio and the V&A Museum: Illustrating MacQueen 






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