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Illustration by no ordinary girl: Kukula Art

Upon entering the fantasy world of Connecticut-based illustrator, Kukula, there are eerie feelings of resignation, sadness and, in a strange way, love. Perhaps you can think of Alice in Wonderland only if falling down the rabbit hole led to a world of war. Kukula is an Israeli – America artist born just outside Tel Aviv. She says her artwork is the product of “equal parts princess fantasies and World War II horror stories” captured through the eyes of no ordinary girl.

1. A mysterious beauty of royalty and misery is present in Kukula art. Are you generally more emotionally sensitive?

I guess you would not say I have a very pleased or too happy personality. I believe happiness should come in small doses to really enjoy it, like fine food. However, in other hand, I am a joker, I always make inappropriate jokes. I have been called a princess before but I think I am more of a monkey-princess, because I like shenanigans.

2. Your subjects are 100% female. Why is there no man is the fantasy word of yours?

My kukula art is of a romantic nature meaning, I reflect what I feel and my feelings are feminine. In my inner world, men are visitors and symbolized by the creatures I paint.

Audrey and the Elephant Man(white)

3. Do you think there is a difference between illustration and fine art? Why?

Yes and no. It really depends on what you will describe as illustrations and fine art. I studied illustration in art school and we usually used a narrative or a given subject like a product or a brand. What I have learned from that was how to communicate with my viewer. I don’t like to work with text or other people ideas, which make me not an illustrator, but I do like to be understood-some fine art to me, is just gibberish, which I don’t consider art at all. It is a very hard question.

So, is illustration fine art? We don’t care what all you critics say cause we certainly say, yes!

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