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RED VALENTINO short film

Interview from RED Valentino website:

Kukula, a young Isreali artist living in the USA, has always been artistic, "I was a pretty bad student but my notebooks were full of drawings, mostly princesses" she says. This fantasy woman is still evident in her work, where she portrays young and dreamy figures where everything is possible and nothing too surreal. "Attitude is important. I like my work to have a feeling of attitude that comes from all the elements in it."

Can you explain your work? "I start with a very rough sketch and then I build in the detail. I work with oils, so it is quite a messy process. I use a lot of books and images for reference. I like the fantasy world I create to be combined with a bit of reality."

Where do your ideas come from? "Looking at things - art, painters, objects. I love artefacts and anything 18th century in design. I'm inspired by everything, particularly clocks and teacups. I have a collection of teacups and I have even created work inspired by the teacups."

Can you tell us about your studio? "It is in my apartment in New Haven Connecticut, but not for much longer as I will be moving soon to Dallas. I have lots of books and things that inspire me. I have a trolley with all of my paints and oils and sketchpads everywhere. It is really my own space."

Who or what inspires you? "I like artists that are opulent with detail and ones that love luxury but they don't take it seriously. That's why I think I like those paintings from the 18th century - they painted a lot of aristocrats with lavish clothes but they made it fun. That's why I really like Gainsbourgh for example, he has a very light touch but it was always about the attitude."

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