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The Chase-short film from SHOWstudio by Jennifer Massaux

'It's about the conjuring of the muse - the fleeting spirit of inspiration. Her faint, ghostly silhouette just seconds from vanishing,' says director Jennifer Massaux on her new film, a collaboration with artist Kukula and stylist and producer Aline Pimentel. 'The artist, racked full of tension, curiosity and fear, overcomes the unimaginable - the once elusive spectre is captured in a crisp, clear permanent reality. The hunter and the hunted. The artist and her muse. A delicate dance, crossing realms and lifetimes, forever ingrained in a story well told,' adds Massaux.

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  • Artist: Kukula

  • Model: Dani Seitz IMG

  • Direction & D.P: Jennifer Massaux

  • Production & Styling: Aline Pimentel

  • Script & Edit: Jennifer Massaux & Ryan Vallan

  • Styling Assistance: Guil Macedo

  • First AC & Gaffer: David Geffin

  • Direction Assistance: Alvio Mancuso

  • Make-up: Sophie Haig

  • Hair: Abraham Sprinkle

  • Fashion: Virgens Saints and Angels, Chanel, Theia, Jill Stuart, Dries Van Noten, Christian Svoboda

  • Special thank you Stephen and Cathy Weinroth

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