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A dreamy, romantic, unique universe. A microcosm where everything is possible, where fantasy reigns: welcome to Kukula’s world, welcome to REDValentino.

Kukula, a young Israeli artist living in the U.S., reveals through her unique work, a dreamy and disillusioned world, a story made of symbols with hidden meanings. Kukula portrays young and dreamy figures - protagonists who express desires and visionary gestures. In her works, everything is possible and imaginable: everything comes to life in a story that goes beyond time and space. There is no cultural boundary in this tale: it’s an evocation of fantasy and the surreal.

The subconscious that emerges in dreams permits free associations, uninhibited thoughts and images without preordained purposes. In Kukula's world, the imagination harmoniously and profoundly blends, with crystalline images without any apparent logical connection, sometimes absurd, but in the overall filled with great symbolism. In this "open" structure, everything is permitted to the young protagonist.

Creative Directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli presents a new capsule collection and collaboration with this talented Pop Surrealist artist. It is a new achievement and experience for REDValentino, brand with a romantic yet irreverent spirit; factory that collaborates with all sorts of artists, dedicated to young cosmopolitan women with a romantic cool touch.

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