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Hi Fructose: A Look at Kukula’s Creative Process for “Haute Debutantes”

Left: Gimabattista Valli Couture, Right: “The Creators” by Kukula Last week, we brought to you a glimpse of “Haute Debutantes”, the latest solo exhibition by HF Vol. 7 artist Kukula. We recently caught up with the Connecticut based artist to learn more about her process behind the show, who is celebrating with a reception tonight at AFA Gallery in New York. Kukula admittedly applies herself to excessive research in preparation of a new series. For “Haute Debutantes”, she poured over images of couture fashion designs and researched 18th century paintings of high class society. In such portraits, the artist gave the wearer’s clothes just as much attention to detail as the wearer. Clothing brou

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