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Interview with Murmur

A Kukula MURMUR Fantasy Nataly Kukula Abramovitch is an artist we’re following and falling for constantly. Hers is a world of painted porcelain tea sets, of rococo infused decorums, of roses, silk ropes and round lollipops. The women she paints are princesses of an unblushing dreamland, who adorn their bodies with precious corsets, and live surrounded by pet octopuses and other fabulous creatures. MURMUR is now part of that universe, which is the perfect pretext to take you on a short journey through her amazing art and vision: Tell us a bit about how your art developed over time and how this universe that you now paint came to be. Were you influenced by manga in any way? Which were the mai

Russian Tea

We are pleased to bring you this is a bone china cup & saucer made in Stoke-on-Trent, England. It features the beautiful work of artist KuKula. This particular design is one of the lavish we have ever produced featuring a 12 colour screen print and a layer of real gold. There are only 250 to ever to be produced. Each set is sequentially numbered. When they are gone they are gone. The set is shipped in a presentation box that also features an ARTIST SIGNED & sequentially numbered art print.

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