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“Lilya and Pussypus” New print

Kukula, “Lilya & Pussypus”, Giclee on Rives BFK paper, Edition of 50, 16 x 20 inches paper size, $225 (+ $12.95 S/H) *Shipping & Handling Charges apply at checkout. Prints will begin shipping December 15th, 2016. For international shipping, additional charges may apply. 8.625% sales tax applicable for all NY State deliveries. Deliveries outside of New York State are not responsible for sales tax. Giclee art print of Kukula’s painting “Lilya & Pussypus”. Signed and numbered by artist. Edition of 50. Original oil painting as part of her mini solo show “Pop Royál” at SCOPE Miami Beach, 2016. shop here:

The Tapestry Show, artist statement

The Tapestry show, opens September 3rd, 2016 at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco CA. Artist Statment, Historically tapestries were made by hand, many times by monks who were glorifying an heroic event, a religious story or mythology. They made mostly to decorate churches or privet Aristocrats domains. They were extremely expensive or even just priceless and very large many of the time, in order; which I believe, to create power over the viewer.As a creator of “things that can go on walls” Tapestries excites me as much if not even more than viewing an original paintings by one of my favorites artists. The experience of being close to a tapestry is not comparable to the one of a painting th

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