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upcoming solo exhibition Haute Debutants at AFA NYC Gallery

Exhibition: September 12th – 27th, 2015 Opening Reception: September 12th, 2015, 6 – 8pm please RSVP Artist statment A debutante is a young woman being introduced to polite society through an elaborate ceremony. Traditionally, she is a very rich young woman, or at least her parents are. Paradoxically, a haute debutante is not an even richer, haughtier debutante. My idea is that she is something else entirely. Every woman is a debutante in potential. Every step outside—into society—involves a ritual of presentation. Fashion was once the preserve of the upper classes, but today it belongs to everyone and its inspirations originate in strange places. Punk, ghetto fab, Elizabeth

The Chase-short film from SHOWstudio by Jennifer Massaux

'It's about the conjuring of the muse - the fleeting spirit of inspiration. Her faint, ghostly silhouette just seconds from vanishing,' says director Jennifer Massaux on her new film, a collaboration with artist Kukula and stylist and producer Aline Pimentel. 'The artist, racked full of tension, curiosity and fear, overcomes the unimaginable - the once elusive spectre is captured in a crisp, clear permanent reality. The hunter and the hunted. The artist and her muse. A delicate dance, crossing realms and lifetimes, forever ingrained in a story well told,' adds Massaux. read more: Artist: Kukula Model: Dani Seitz IMG Direction & D.P: Jennifer Massaux Pr

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